Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1: What is

A1: It is a simple tool to post text online, without rumpus. Not necessary the registration, literacy only. (the registration offers additional useful features)

Q-2: What is the ifference between the anonim, registered, and premium features?

A-2: see the table below:
  Anonim Registered Premium
Storage time (aftre last visit) 9 month 12 month perpetual
Publication/day 10 40 (max. 40.000) 100 (max 100.000)
Max character 20.000 40.000 50.000
Password protect yes yes yes
Autolink off/on no no yes
Insert picture, video link yes yes yes
Max picture 1 2 unlimited
Max video 1 2 unlimited
Text formatting rich text more more more
Edit published text no yes yes
Shortlink yes yes yes
Scheduler no yes yes
Preview yes yes yes
Publishing to Tvitter, facebook, etc yes yes yes
Header editing no yes yes
Comment on/off no yes yes
Comment on hottext no yes yes
Comment supervision no no yes
Searchable (private) on/off yes yes yes
Search on Hottext yes yes yes
Search in the own publications no yes yes
Sort by time, lenght, etc no yes yes
Own subdomain no no yes
Edit url no no yes
General password no no yes
Ads yes yes no
If you want to post more than allowed, please contact us.

Q-3: Adult content alloved?

A-3: Not.

Q-4: and adult content?

A-4: Not.

Q-5: Is anything else prohibited content?

A-5: Yes, please do NOT post:
  • email lists
  • login details
  • stolen source code
  • password lists
  • personal information / data
  • spam links (incl. promoting your own site)
If you do not comply with our Acceptable Use Policy we might ban your IP address from the website. Also, your IP address might be shared with authorities.

Q-6: How can I get content removed?

A-6: You are only able to remove items that you created while you were logged in. If you pasted something as a guest, there is no delete option. In a justified, important case You can use the Contact option.
For DMCA removal requests please click here.

Q-7: How can I contact Hottext?

A-7: Check out our contact page. You can also check out our Twitter page, facebook page.